Our Values

The Greatest Commandment recorded is to "Love God, with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our mind, with all our strength".  In short "with every fibre of our being".  This we can only do when we realise the depth of love that God has for us.  This love is unique, unconditional, willing to pay any price and generously lavished on us.

Following Jesus:

Loving God:

Loving Each Other:

Loving the Community:

A value is something that we really care about.  It defines who we are and where we place our priorities.  These values are not merely statements of what we care about but a declaration of the things that we are commited to.

First and foremost we are followers of Jesus.  Jesus is the one who motivates what we do.  We unashamedly claim allegience to him.  He is our Saviour and our example as we seek to live Christ-like lives in the context of contemporary society.


The second greatest Commandment is to "Love our neighbour as we love ourselves."  Jesus on several occasions said that we should love each other.  The depth of that love ought not to be superficial but authentic.  Authenticity calls us to honest relationships where we show genuine care for one another

The command to love our neighbour extends beyond the boundaries of the building in which we meet to worship God.  It extends to the community in which we find ourselves and the lives of those in that community.  We want not only to declare the love of God, but also demonstrate that love.