Our History

Bottesford Christian Fellowship began on 6th September 1987, in Bottesford Civic Hall, by a group of Scunthorpe members whose intention was to form a Sunday School for the children of Bottesford. This immediately developed into a full service as parents attended with children.


The need for consecutive ministry and pastoral care was felt and in 1989 Pastor Brian Davies was employed part time to oversee Bottesford.  On 1st April 1990 the BCF became Bottesford Baptist Church, an independent church in its own right, affiliated to the Baptist Union.  With the vision of a permanent work in Bottesford came that of a permanent home and a building fund was begun.


Over a long period of time, as meetings with the BU took place, every available feasible building and piece of land was looked at, resulting in the purchase of land in December 1999, building work beginning February 2002 and completion October 2002.


The first service was held in the church’s new home on 3 November with the official opening on 16th November 2002.  From the beginning it had been prayerfully believed that if this was of God then the money would be forthcoming and if not the timing was wrong.  This was brought about by the sacrificial giving of members, with no fund raising.


The 15 years of worshipping in a community hall was a significant period in the life of the fellowship as the church family learned the importance of prayerfully leaning on God and then one another.  God’s provision of the building, which brought about high visibility not experienced previously, is seen as a new home from which to reach out into the community and where the love of God is evident.


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