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Small Groups

Small Groups

In the Bible, the early church met frequently in both big gatherings and smaller groups. Today we continue this pattern as we meet together on Sundays as well in small groups during the week.

Small groups provide an opportunity to get to know people better, discover more about God, the Bible and their relevance to real life today. From time to time we all meet together for a particular season to share and pray as a church community.

Small Group Values

  1. “A group of people, held together by a common thread, Jesus the cornerstone (Ephesians 2:20); called to be an expression of God’s free gift of love”

  2. Called to be a community of GRACE, in which we are:

a) Growing in our relationship with God

b) Reaching out in love

c) Authentic in community

d) Christ centred

e) Everyone involved


We currently have one small group that meets on a Thursday morning in the church building and starts at 10.00 am with coffee and chat.
The Bible study, discussion and application begins at 10.30 am until around 11.45 am.


You would be very welcome to come along and join in

Bible discussion group
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